You know you should have a contract, but...

How to write one up? What the bleep the contract should say? If you need one for every project? Do you need to be a registered business first? Is all of this overkill? What are you suppose to say about payment? And deposits? And late fees? And intellectual property? Is it going to be super awkward sending one? And, most importantly, will they know that you actually have no idea what "indemnification" means? 😃(DON'T WORRY, I GOT YOU.)

The Right Agreement Can Earn You 3X the Money

When you send a contract, you're sending a signal: you're an expert, you know what you're doing, and you will take care of the other party. Clients and vendors need to feel this way about your work in order to hire you and feel good about paying you the money you're asking for. On the other hand, when you don't send an agreement—or when you send a lackluster contract that's been hacked together from bits and pieces around the Internet—it sends another signal. The other party might notice that know you're green, they'll worry about the quality of your work, you'll get far more push back, and they'll be far less willing to pay you the same money for the same work. Great contracts do not equal uptight overkill: they equal put-together pro. And they equal 3X the revenue for you.

This Powerhouse Kit Doesn't Just Contain Modern Contracts for Online Clients: We've Also Hooked You Up With the Very Same Lawyer-Drafted Agreements Ash and The Middle Finger Project Use For:

  • Independent Contractors

    For Hiring Virtual Assistants, Web Designers, Copywriters, And Anyone Who You Contract to Help You

  • Joint Venture Partners

    For Partnering Up On Podcasts, eBooks, Courses, Retreats and More

  • Participants

    For Hosting Events, Retreats, Workshops, Conferences and Anything Off Site

  • Affiliates

    For Legally Entering Into an Agreement With Ambassadors Who Promote Your Product in Exchange for Compensation

  • Customers

    Different From Clients, These Are the Folks That Buy Your Products, Your Courses & Your eBooks On Your Website (And Yes, They Get a Contract, Too!)

  • Subscribers

    Even Asking for Someone's Email Address Enters You Into a Legally Binding Relationship—And Believe It Or Not, You Need a Contract With Them, Too.

  • Clients

    Not just a standard client service agreement, but something called a Statement of Work, too—which will save you SO MUCH HASSLE. (Because you don't want to send yet another formal contract anytime the client needs something else done—this takes care of that!)

  • Adversaries

    There may come a time when you have a disagreement with a client or a business partner, and you want to settle the matter in writing to protect yourself from any kind of future action. This agreement is for THAT.


  • All Contracts as a Clean, Downloadable Word Version

    $10,000 value

    The intellectual property attorneys that drafted these agreements charge $425/hour—except for the New York lawyer that charged $800/hour. Not a typo.

  • Quick Reference Cheat Sheets

    $500 value

    You no longer have to send an agreement and hope to vodka no one asks you to clarify—I've included a line-by-line breakdown that you can download and reference anytime you need to explain what the word "indemnification" means. (Bonus round: you'll also know what YOU are signing!)

  • Video Walk-Throughs With Ash

    $2,000 value

    Freelancers are intimidated by contracts, and rightfully so: who understands all of that legalese? The good news is, ALL of it is there to protect you, and I'll personally walk you through each agreement and not only give you the low-down on what everything means...but best practices for doing business like a boss. (Because, yes, you do need a deposit, and yes, you absolutely should have a clause that states that the work isn't theirs until final payment is made. #EXPERIENCE)


  • Do I need this? Is this right for me?

    There's only one way to find out! Take our quiz and answer a few questions that will help you determine if this kit is right for you.

  • Does this apply to countries outside of the U.S.?

    Every country is different; this kit was based on U.S. law and best practices. Conceptually, this is still a great way to learn about the things you need to look out for when doing business online with clients and customers, but your situation should be reviewed by a qualified professional in your country. Many of our customers take our templates and use them as starting points to tweak, which we recommend.

  • Are these attorney-drafted contracts?

    Yes—in fact, these were created by my intellectual property attorneys specifically for my own online business, and I wanted to share them with you as an educational resource to help you understand the things you don't know you don't know yet. That said, I am not a lawyer (or a violinist, just to be clear), and this is not a substitute for hiring a lawyer or a certified professional in your state or country, so make sure you consult with those good folks. What’s included, here, are expressions of opinion, so let it be known through all the land that I can’t guarantee any outcomes, promise you any ponies, or make anyone come back from the dead. (Yet.)


  • Katey Shanahan

    Having the Master Client Service Agreement in my hands gave me the confidence to double my rate today when I sent an invitation to a potential new client. I almost threw up hitting the send button, but she already accepted my offer and is going to start working with me right away!

    Katey Shanahan

  • Brogan Micallef

    I'm LOVIN' the Unf*ckwithable Contracts kit. I updated my website T&C's and privacy policy. And I've gotten the most use out of the Master Client Service Agreement + Statement of Work. Basically, I feel like a BOSS when I send it out. I really love the descriptions you have on the side (so the lawyer talk makes sense)—it's kind of blowing my mind how much value you've packed into this kit!

    Brogan Micallef

  • Jill Sadler

    I just want to again thank you for your *ROCKSTAR* Unf*ckwithable Contracts. OMG!!! It is SO amazing. I really can't thank you enough for offering this at such a generous price to help me get my business start-up legal confusion under wraps. Thank you SO MUCH!!!!!

    Jill Sadler

  • Donna Brewster

    I am blown away by all the information in the Unf*ckwithable Contracts kit. I'm still working my way through it all, but it is freakin' awesome! I made a great investment—thank you!

    Donna Brewster

  • Angela Allan

    I love the Unf*ckwithable Contracts kit! I am going through the online business guide that came with the contracts and it’s been so helpful. I’m putting everything in my arsenal to be unfuckwithable! Thank you so much for your insights!

    Angela Allan

  • Rebecca Morgan

    These contracts are great! Just what I needed. I'd been putting off finding a contract and was going to google and piece something together ... but you gave me something I am confident and comfortable with. Thanks!

    Rebecca Morgan

  • Marilyn Remak

    I love the Unf*ckwithable Contracts kit! It feels good to know that I'm doing things right.

    Marilyn Remak

  • Jabari Holloway

    I just got through Unf*ckwithable Contracts, and I have to say thank you! As you promised, the insights of your experience are incredibly valuable. Thanks for taking the time to care about and help people like me who are in an earlier part of their business journey.

    Jabari Holloway

  • Annie Kip

    I love Unf*ckwithable Contracts—it just makes me feel good knowing it's there when I need it. Within days I already put the two of the agreements into use!

    Annie Kip

  • Josh Garofalo

    Bought the kit. Tailored the Master Client Service Agreement to my biz and uploaded it into my proposal software. Sent it off to a prospect along with a $10,000 quote for a copy project. Deal closed. Money paid. We're batting 1,000 so far, Ash!

    Josh Garofalo

  • April Gutierrez

    I'm LOVING the Unf*ckwithable Contracts kit! I've had my business for two years, and I wish this was in my back pocket from day one. I'm currently in the process of sending new contracts to my sub-contractors and will also be modifying client contracts for the new year. The knowledge alone was worth every penny. I can't thank you enough.

    April Gutierrez

  • Shea Keats

    I'm loving the Unf*ckwithable Contracts kit! I submitted the Master Client Services Agreement to two separate clients and they were both "very impressed with the level of professionalism." Thanks for making this available!

    Shea Keats

  • Taylor Campbell

    I’m loving the contracts; I’ve already used the Independent Contractor Agreement to hire a freelance graphic designer (cue happy dance). This kit is phenomenal. Thank you for creating it; it’s already added so much value to my business.

    Taylor Campbell

  • Cade Booth

    I FREAKING LOVE THE UNF*CKWITHABLE CONTRACTS KIT! I am going to utilize the holidays to change all my clients over from the crappy letter of engagement that my amateur-ass drafted over to these contracts. SUPER excited!!

    Cade Booth

  • Karen McRae

    I'm reading through the Master Service Client Agreement and accompanying Statement of Work and fuck, I love it. I feel so relieved to have it; thank you!

    Karen McRae

  • Mindi Ridgeway

    Thank you so much for knowing exactly what a budding business needs. Love your style, love the kit, love your words, love all of it!

    Mindi Ridgeway

  • Mashon Thomas

    The Unf*ckwithable Contracts kit is amazing! I've used three of the contracts so far and they're working wonderfully. Love you and all your stuff!

    Mashon Thomas

  • Hannah Lewis

    I used two of the contracts right away. SUCH a time saver!

    Hannah Lewis

  • Lex DeVille

    I opened the Unf*ckwithable Contracts kit and like magic, my life improved instantly. Clean. Straightforward. Life-changing.

    Lex DeVille

  • Cara Stein

    The Unf*ckwithable Contracts kit is fucking great. I've used the Master Client Service Agreement with three clients already, including additional Statements of Work for follow-on work. Beautiful! Glorious! So much better than having to do a new contract every time!

    Cara Stein

  • Andrea Featherstone

    I've used the Affiliate Agreement, SOW and Independent Contractor Agreement; soooo useful. It feels good to finally have my team all good and legal. Wish I'd had this kit a year ago before I paid lawyers 3K to write up all the rest of the contracts we use!

    Andrea Featherstone

  • Annie von Essen

    Can I just say thank you so f*cking much for this kit!!! Holy smokes! I am just getting ready to update a contract with a long-term client and this kit is immediately helping me out! I previously paid a lawyer lots of money to set up a new contract for me—it was WAY less helpful than this AND THEN he went out of business and poof, no finalized contract. Just had to say ... thanks!!!

    Annie von Essen

  • Aqila Shah

    The Unf*ckwithable Contracts kit? Completely devoured it within a day—I wish all the law subjects I did were THAT fun to read. And I know I'll be referring to it again and again as I set up my online business.

    Aqila Shah

  • Vanessa Sandall

    My website just went live, and for the first time, I have some REAL legal language thanks to you! And I needed it because I have a free advice column now and especially had to add the disclaimer info. Thank you Ash and the gang!!!!

    Vanessa Sandall

  • Rose Womelsdorf

    I love the Master Client Service Agreement and Statement of Work. Your explanations made all that legalese a total breeze. Thanks!

    Rose Womelsdorf

  • Bill Laurienti

    Now that I understand the relationship between the Statement of Work and Master Client Service Agreement, I've been able to streamline and automate a little already. It's so nice.

    Bill Laurienti

  • Rochelle Alves

    Who knew CONTRACTS could be so fun? We are grateful for the humor AND the additional advice you've dropped all over the place. We have much to cover, but I'm looking forward to the process. It seems more fun than grueling now. Really, we are so impressed (and entertained), and know we've taken a huge step to protect ourselves and our business. Thank you!

    Rochelle Alves