Book deals: They're sexy. They're mysterious. They're every writer and entrepreneur's dream. And yet, most people don't *really* know how it all works—or where to even start.

  • What comes first ... the book, the agent or the publisher?

  • How much is the advance for real humans, really?! (Like, really?)

  • Do you *need* an agent? How do you find one?

  • What about a book proposal? Do you need a full-blown masterpiece, or do you pitch your idea first, get signed, and THEN start?

  • HOW do you pitch it? To who?

  • Do you need a finished manuscript, or just sample chapters?

  • Do you need a—*groan*—platform? A large social media following? How many is enough? (I have a horrifying story about this you won't want to miss.)

  • How much do you earn in royalties for every book sold?

  • How hard is it to get published...really?

  • And how do I know if my idea is any good?

I would have wrestled a small bobcat to know the answers to these questions—and so many more.

I remember Googling, "average book advance," and "book proposal advice" forty-thousand times, scouring the Internet for any sign of real, legitimate stories from real, legitimate people who could lend insight into the process. Instead, all I found were articles on how much James Patterson and J.K. Rowling make in a year (spoiler alert: A REAL BIG LOT), or how somebody from Kansas once got paid a pittance for their children's book from 1994. There were still so many questions, especially around the kind of book I wanted to write. It wasn't "memoir," but it did lean heavily on voice and narrative, so did I need a book proposal? Or did I need to just write the manuscript? Or should I approach an agent first? And what did I need to approach them with? A pitch? A proposal? A Hail Mary? What's the etiquette? How could I be sure my idea was a good one? Would I get their attention or be ignored? Did I have a big enough following? Did I need one? Did I even have a shot?

(And, seriously, what about the advance?)

So You Can Imagine the Exhilaration When, A Couple of Years Later, I Landed the Book Deal of My Dreams With Penguin Random House...for a FAINT-INDUCING SIX-PLUS FIGURES.

I vowed to share what I could about the process so every other aspiring author out there could get the inside scoop on how this wonderful, exciting, mysterious industry really works—and feel less intimidated, more confident, and 10,000% determined to write a book of their own.
So You Can Imagine the Exhilaration When, A Couple of Years Later, I Landed the Book Deal of My Dreams With Penguin Random House...for a FAINT-INDUCING SIX-PLUS FIGURES.


  • Six Audio Lessons

    This special-edition audio course contains six audio segments, for a grand total of 3.5 hours of book publishing tips, tricks, instruction and hard-won lessons.

  • Companion Playbook + Transcripts

    43 pages of helpful insider tips, ideas, tricks and reference guides, plus 68 pages of gorgeous, readable transcripts so you can learn on the go.

  • My Best Advice

    I'll be sharing my real-world experience with the book publishing process, offering up tips and little known pieces of advice I've heard from my own agents and editors along the way—especially the stuff I wish I knew from the beginning!


In addition to the topics covered at the top of this page, I'll also share a vodka-ton I learned from personal experience, such as:

  • How much my advance really was

  • Which sections my book proposal contained, and super duper helpful sleuth tips for each

  • A reallllly helpful trick I learned for writing your book’s overview / synopsis the easy way—after struggling with this for-evahhhhh

  • What you should do if you aren’t sure, yet, what your “main message” is, or if you can’t answer “so, what’s your book about?” in one succinct, powerful sentence (trust me, this is HARD)

  • The mortifying meeting I had with Simon & Schuster—and why this is important intel for you (hint: it has to do with your “platform”)

  • What really sold my book to Penguin Random House, and the #1 thing they were looking for (I know this because they asked me directly for it)

  • The truth about how I also got Penguin Random House UK to buy the rights to my book sight unseen from across an ocean

  • The “bonus” advance I received and what I have to do in order to get it

  • How many books I need to sell in year one in order to earn out my advance

  • My #1 piece of advice for what I’d do differently, if I could do it over again—and so much more!


  • What's the format?

    Six pre-recorded audio segments + a professionally-designed KILLER playbook companion containing 43 pages of cheat sheets and quick-reference guides + 68 pages of written transcripts.

  • How many hours of audio is there in total?

    Three and a half (3.5) hours of scrumptious, behind-the-scenes book publishing talk—sort of like having a pajama party with an author who actually knows the answer to, "What comes first, the book, the agency or the publisher?!"

  • Can I download and listen to them later when I have more time?

    You'll have continued access to listen and download anytime you'd like!

  • Is there a community forum to discuss with other aspiring authors?

    This audio course does NOT include a community discussion forum.

  • Can I download the content and consume it in on-the-go on my phone, etc.?

    Yes, absolutely.

  • Is this applicable to both fiction and non-fiction?

    I can only speak to my experience, which is in non-fiction publishing; however, a peek behind the curtain is certainly useful for any aspiring author.

  • What if I'm not clear on my message / book idea yet?

    Then you need this more than tonight's glass of wine! (There's a lot of really awesome insights I provide for when you aren't sure about your message.)

  • What if I'm already working with an agent?

    Most EXCELLENT! This will help you gain insight into what happens next in the book deal process (and what to expect and do when you finally get on the phone with editors, hooray!)