What's the difference between a $25,000 year and a $100,000 one?

Well, $75,000 sweet sweet dollars, of course.

While that might seem like a lot of extra money to be speaking ever-so-casually about (does anybody have a fan and an ice cube?), I promise it's going to flow like actual GOLDSCHLAGER when you learn The Unf*ckwithable Freelancer Holy Grail of Modern Money-Making Arts, containing the twelve little-known, BIG financial impact, step-by-step business strategies I stole from my career in advertising sales and repurposed to rocket my freelance career from $0 to $103,000 my very first year—and beyond.

*Goldschlager is still a thing, no?

Make No Mistake: We're Surrounded By Money—And I'm Going to Teach You How to Get It

There's the prehistoric way, of course: knocking on doors and hoping to GOD someone sees the good in you this month. (A bit unpredictable, given that those hooligans with the vacuums had to ruin it for everybody.)  

Then there's that old hat method of joining every Facebook group on the planet—and maybe doing a bunch of stuff for free because, #PORTFOLIO? (Don't do that. There's a much better—and financially sound—way to get started. And get experience. And get cash. Because we'd like to go to Target this month, thank you very much.)

And then there are the days when you wonder if you should walk around taping fliers on actual telephone poles. Or maybe go to one of those—*shudder*— Chamber of Commerce meetings. Or perhaps hire a man with an unironic beard to work on your "SEO." (Unfortunately not a euphemism.)

You could do all of that. Or?

You can become an Unf*ckwithable Freelancer instead.

Because, #TRUESTORY: Studies Show That Freelancers Are Only Earning 1/4 of What They Could Be Charging.


So many hard-working souls have resigned themselves to accepting slim pickings, because when humans are unsure of themselves—especially when they're just starting out—they accept the unacceptable. But imagine if you only got 1/4 of the house you just bought? A quarter of the food you ordered? Or, hey, one-fourth of the money you earned? 

That's like doing the same amount of work, but choosing to be paid twenty-five dollars instead of a hundred.

Uh-uh. I don't think so, mama. Not today.

This course is everything you need to know to 3X your revenue this year as a freelancer.

  • 12 Video Masterclasses

    Go behind the scenes with me, Ash, via a high-energy series of step-by-step video tutorials. I'm going to sit alongside you and coach you on the exact actions you need to take to hit $100K—just like we would at a private 1:1 retreat (complete with bubbly!).

  • Power Templates

    This course is designed to help you get results NOW, so I've included an exclusive series of power templates that you can start using in your own business today. My two favorites? The Power Proposal and Power Contract—each worth thousands.

  • Pre-Written Pitches

    I could tell you what to say. Or, I can write it for you. :) And that's exactly what I've done. This course contains a powerhouse series of done-for-you scripts and word-for-word emails you can use to pitch your services—and even put it all on autopilot using automation.

Course Curriculum

  • 1
    And Now We Begin. Let's Power It Up!
    • Welcome to Unf*ckwithable Freelancer! 🎉 A Heart-to-Heart With Ash.
    • New Student Money Survey 💸
    • Download the Unf*ckwithable Freelancer Workbook ⚡️ (All 293 PDF pages!)
  • 2
    The $100K Power Set Up: How to Calibrate Your Business for Maximum Fun & Profit—And Other Adult Things Like Dental Care
    • 1. Pre-Session Chat With Ash » Masterclass 101!
    • 2. How to: Formally Register Your Business (And Do You Need To, Orrrrr?)
    • 3. How to: File for a Business Address (Hint: Do Not Use Your Own.) (Unless The Client is Cute.)
    • 4. How to: Set Up a Business Email Address (And Why This is Legally REALLY Important)
    • 5. How to: Open a Business Bank Account (Even If You Don't Have Two Cents to Rub Together)
    • 6. How to: Get a Business PayPal Account (And Pay Less Freaking Fees, Hooray!) (But Also For Legal Reasons, Haiiiii.)
    • 7. How to: Get a Business Stripe Account (A Non-Negotiable in Any Business That Isn't From 1964)
    • 8. How to: Uh....Categorize Your Expenses? (Because #TAXES)
    • 9. How to: Pick The Perfect Email Marketing Software (Because Email is a Money-Printing Machine and Anyone Who Tells You Otherwise is Trying to Sabotage Your Best Life)
    • 10. How to: Set Up Deadline Funnel (Because This is a Very Important Tool Even Though You Don't Know What It's For Yet)
    • 11. How to: Set Up Your Appointment Software (So Clients R.E.S.P.E.C.T.). Ya Dig?
    • 12. How to: Get Organized Using My Favorite Project Management Software (And Never Scramble, Ever, Unless They Are Eggs)
    • 13. How to: Download The Power Contract (Because You Are About to Be a BOSS). (Sorry Hugo.)
    • 14. How to: Get Your Contracts Signed the Easy Way (Ain't No Time for Dilly-Dallying When It Comes to Money, Ya'll)
    • POP QUIZ! Because, #EVIL.
  • 3
    How to Clarify Your Niche + Business Direction (And Figure Out What You're Selling Without Having a Seizure)
    • 1. Pre-Session Chat With Ash » Masterclass 102!
    • 2. How to Clarify Your Niche + Business Direction, Part I (22 min.)
    • 3. How to Clarify Your Niche + Business Direction, Part II (14 min.)
    • 4. Walk-Through Example: Photographer
    • 5. Walk-Through Example: Virtual Assistant
    • 6. ⚡️ Worksheet: Clarify Your Niche + Business Direction (And Figure Out What You're Selling Without Having a Seizure)
  • 4
    How to Architect Your Offerings To Maximize Revenue and Be a Superhero
    • 1. Pre-Session Chat With Ash » Masterclass 201!
    • 2. Masterclass 201 | How to Architect Your Offerings to Maximize Revenue and Be a Superhero (1:10 min.)
    • 3. ⚡️ Worksheet | Architect Your Offerings
  • 5
    How to Choose the Right Price Point, the Smart Way (And Get Comfy With Money, Money, Money)
    • 1. Pre-Session Chat With Ash » Masterclass 202!
    • 2. Masterclass 202 | How to Choose the Right Price Point, the Smart Way (33 min.)
  • 6
    How to Build a Smart Sales Funnel & Use Email Automation to Get Dates On Autopilot. Errr, I Mean, Clients.
    • 1. Pre-Session Chat With Ash » Masterclass 203!
    • 2. Masterclass 203 | How to Build a Smart Sales Funnel and Use Email Automation to Get Clients on Autopilot (48 min.)
    • 3. Software Training: Email Marketing Automation
    • 4. Software Training: Client Scheduling Automation
    • 5. Software Training: Creating Urgency
    • 6. ⚡️ Downloadable Template | 5-Part Email Pitch
  • 7
    How to Power Up Your Written Pitch, AKA Your Copy—Because Words ARE Your Sales Team (So Hopefully They Showered)
    • 1. Pre-Session Chat With Ash » Masterclass 301!
    • 2. Masterclass 301 | How to Power Up Your Written Pitch (1:18 min.)
    • 3. ⚡️ Downloadable Checklist: Sales Copy Power Optimizer
  • 8
    How to Power Up Your Phone Pitch—Because Confidence is EVERYTHING (Despite Hating the Sound of Your Voice)
    • 1. Pre-Session Chat With Ash » Masterclass 302!
    • 2. Masterclass 302 | How to Power Up Your Phone Pitch (48 min.)
    • 3. ⚡️ Download: Practice Phone Scripts
  • 9
    How to Write a Super-Charged Power Proposal That'll 3x Your Profit and Make You Skinny (Okay, Fine, Just the First Part)
    • 1. Pre-Session Chat With Ash » Masterclass 303!
    • 2. Masterclass 303 | How to Write a Supercharged Power Proposal (Includes Writer Sample) (40 min.)
    • 3. ⚡️ SAMPLE POWER PROPOSAL: Social Media Manager
    • 4. ⚡️ SAMPLE POWER PROPOSAL: Public Speaking Coach
    • 5. ⚡️ SAMPLE POWER PROPOSAL: Life Coach
    • 6. ⚡️ SAMPLE POWER PROPOSAL: Wedding Photographer
  • 10
    How to Negotiate: For People Who Hate Confrontation And Also Talking About Money. And Probably Also Golf.
    • 1. Pre-Session Chat With Ash » Masterclass 304!
    • 2. Masterclass 304 | How to Negotiate: For People Who Hate Confrontation (37 min.)
    • 3. ⚡️ Download: Power Negotiation Scripts
  • 11
    How to Manage Your Workload Like a Pro—Even When You're Overwhelmed, AKA The Wet Armpit Crowd. My Kinda Folks.
    • 1. Pre-Session Chat With Ash » Masterclass 401!
    • 2. Masterclass 401 | How to Manage Your Workload Like a Pro—Even When You're Overwhelmed (51 min.)
    • 3. ⚡️ New Client Workflow Chart
    • 4. ⚡️ Download: Clean Copy of Client Contract
    • 5. ⚡️ Download: Clean Copy of Statement of Work
  • 12
    How to Manage Clients When You're a Nice Person Who Secretly Hate Human Beings But Relies On Them for Survival
    • 1. Pre-Session Chat With Ash » Masterclass 402!
    • 2. Masterclass 402 | How to Manage Clients When You're a Nice Person Who Secretly Hate Human Beings But Relies On Them for Survival (54 min.)
  • 13
    How to Maximize Client Lifetime Value Using A Little Something I Like to Call Perpetual Upsells and Cross Sells
    • 1. Pre-Session Chat With Ash » Masterclass 403!
    • 2. Masterclass 403 | How to Maximize Client Lifetime Value Using A Little Something I Like to Call Perpetual Upsells and Cross Sells (28 min.)
  • 14
    How to Generate Cashflow in a Pinch (Whether You're Just Starting Now or Simply Need New Lifeblood—And, HAIIII, Starting to Panic)
    • 1. Pre-Session Chat With Ash » Masterclass 501!
    • 2. Masterclass 501 | How to Generate Cashflow in a Pinch (Whether You're Just Starting Now or Simply Need New Lifeblood)
    • 3. ⚡️ Instant Cashflow Generator / Cheatsheet
  • 15
    Bonuses + Bye-Byes! With Eyeliner + Grace, Ash
    • 1. Video Interview With Jess Manuszak, $100K Freelance Writer
    • 2. A Final Heart to Heart on Everybody's Favorite Topic: Imposter Syndrome
    • 3. Further Reading: A Hand-Picked Playlist of My Best Advice for Kicking Major Ass
    • 4. Complete List of Video Transcripts


  • What's the format?

    This is a video-based course with downloadable transcripts and closed captions, including a series of downloadable templates, contracts, proposals and scripts to supplement each lesson. You can log in anytime to learn from anywhere in the world!

  • What if I sell products?

    Your products are probably amazing! Unfortunately, this is only for service-based businesses. ❤️

  • What if I sell clown masks?


  • Is this for me if I'm a coach?

    10,000%—and in fact, there are plenty of examples for coaches included. (The proposal template for coaches is a huge hit!)

  • Is this for me if I'm a __________? (Fill in the blank!)

    This course was specifically designed for anyone selling services, and teaches you how to sell the living daylights out of those services using the Internet. This absolutely includes: writers, designers, coaches, consultants, photographers, illustrators, dog walkers, virtual assistants, social media managers, wardrobe stylists—anyone selling a service, who wants to (a) sell more of that service and (b) earn significantly more money selling that service. Boo-yah.

  • Is this for already established businesses or brand new businesses—as in literally nothing but an idea yet?

    This is geared toward two camps: (a) brand-new freelancers who need some serious help figuring out what they're selling and how to sell it like a pro (let's save you five years of barely breaking even, shall we?); and (b) Established freelancers who are working themselves to the bone but aren't earning even close to what they'd hoped and are getting frustrated and getting burnt out in the process—and need to double their money, sooner rather than later. That said, if you're someone making over $100K freelancing, you're probably doing something really right—and you also probably don't need this course. But if you're not sure, check out the full curriculum!

  • Is any of the content geared only to the US? Or is the content general enough for Canadians / other countries?

    The Unf*ckwithable Freelancer $100K Power Course is great for anyone who's selling a service anywhere around the world! The only portion you may need to tweak are the downloadable sample contracts to apply to your country's laws.

  • Caroline Mays

    I just want to say that the proposals section BLEW MY FUCKING MIND!!! It's just so sexy ... so smart ... so dialed. I love it. And yes, I've used this method recently and sold the biggest priced item! I feel bulletproof.

    Caroline Mays

  • Sandra Van Der Lee

    Last week I sent a Power Proposal based on Unf*ckwithable Freelancer (with options for individual pricing and a discount to move forward with everything). Word just came back: I GOT IT. 🙌

    Sandra Van Der Lee

  • Megan Wallace

    Hoooooly shit!! As a newly minted and raring to go coach I am in LOVE with the proposals! The language, the way it's broken up, the pricing, ALL THE THINGS. I'm about to take the whole damn thing and somehow shout it from the rooftops! <3

    Megan Wallace

  • Jennifer Bell

    Freelancer is worth every penny—and more! I'm an established freelancer, trying to "level up" into a better-paying niche, and this is proving to be an EXTREMELY helpful business framework. Love you and all of your glorious wisdom! (Also ... the blue lipstick is totally badass.)

    Jennifer Bell

  • Andrew Holland

    This is not my first rodeo with Ash Ambirge. I have been doing her training and reading her work for a while now. However, this course is amazing and full of clarity (and I haven't even finished all the work in it). Since learning from Ash and her course I have landed one $24,000 contract and working with 3 companies whose turnover is in excess of $100,000,000. I have no doubt at all that this would not have happened without Ash and her courses. From how to handle sales, to the proposals process and more. This has changed my business.

    Andrew Holland

  • Jacqueline Johansen

    I'm seriously loving this course. I leave each lesson feeling empowered, motivated, and ready to get to work. Thank you for the sharing what you know with such openness. I've been a long-time TMF course taker and your classes never disappoint.

    Jacqueline Johansen

  • Marie Fetzer

    Freelancer is an AMAZING value for all the information you provide. You broke it down into the perfect-sized chunks to be able to absorb and execute each block. It has really given me a clear pathway to who I am and what I am selling.

    Marie Fetzer

  • Salma Ed-Wardany

    I just scored a cheeky little £11,000 project, which I wouldn't have won without your banging proposal guidance. Sending another proposal out today so hopefully win that one too. Thank you deeply you beautiful creatures over at TMF Project. You made my life WAY easier!"

    Salma Ed-Wardany

  • Kimberly Houston

    Unf*ckwithable Freelancer is wowing the pants off me. I've taken many online courses, but Ash's always, always overdeliver. And this one is no exception; it's really incredible.

    Kimberly Houston

  • Christina Marlett

    Using what I learned in Ash's Unf*ckwithable Freelancer $100K Money Course, I had another client choose Option 3 (!!!) after I sent the proposal. This has truly been the missing link from making sales calls go from awkwardly uncomfortable to fabulous. The creativity involved in dreaming up the proposal options is so much fun. Thank you, Ash, for the exceptional course. Between this proposal and the last, I've made around $9000 in 2 months with just 2 clients. WOW!!! I've never had numbers like this in my business ever.

    Christina Marlett

  • Asia Fisher

    Thanks to Unf*ckwithable Freelancer, I was SO confident going into new meetings feeling like I finally had permission to charge what I need to charge. (My proposal was BANGIN', thanks to all the awesome sample templates!) The client ended up choosing the most expensive package option at $3,000/month (!), which includes working on a retainer basis for all of next year—a grand total of $36,000 in guaranteed revenue from just one client. Using my original pricing structure, he would have been a one-and-done at a mere $500. I feel more excited about the money-making potential of my business than I ever have before. Like, I can actually fucking do this.

    Asia Fisher

  • Shannon Blaz

    I've already signed up three monthly retainers! These new retainers will bring in about a guaranteed $1500 per month, which is HUGE for me, considering previously 100% of my work was all one-off and so incredibly unpredictable. I was so guilty of being the freelancer who just sat around and waited for clients to ask me to do stuff. Unf*ckwithable Freelancer was SO helpful, I'm actually going back through the course again. I haven't hit $100K yet, but I trust with all of the changes I've made, I'm going to get there VERY soon.

    Shannon Blaz

  • Emily McGuire

    I tried the 3-tiered offer with a new client and they picked the most expensive offer, which was 3x the lowest tier! My biggest client project yet.

    Emily McGuire

  • Jen Hume

    I'm about 50% though Unf*ckwithable Freelancer and LOVING IT WITH ALL MY HEART. I sent out a three-option proposal to a new client last week and she's just accepted at Option 2, just as predicted, for way more money. I am SO FRICKING PUMPED!

    Jen Hume

  • Hannah Whitehouse

    Loving the course so far Ash; it's by far the best money I've ever invested into my business ever (and I've took my fair share of courses)!

    Hannah Whitehouse

  • Katie Matusky

    I have LOVED this course! SO much great advice and I love all the examples you give. This is the most implemented and most often referenced e-course I've ever bought. :)

    Katie Matusky

"This truly has been the missing link. I've already made $9,000 with just 2 clients. WOW!!! I've never had numbers like this in my business ever."

-Christina Marlett, Student

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