You're so nervous! A new prospective client wants to get on the phone, but you have no idea what to say. What if they grill you? What if they want to know horrible things, like YOUR SUCCESS RATE? And what if they ask you the most dreaded question in the history of first client calls: "How much is this going to cost?" *runs and buries head in sand*

I Created This Super Fun Sales Training for the Shy, the Inexperienced, the Nervous & the Intimidated.

Because learning how to ask for the big bucks like a graceful (and gracious!) pro will make all the difference between dreading your work and loving it. It will be the difference between resenting a client and being excited to work with them. It will be the difference between hating yourself a little more every time you shrink, hedge, or do it for less money than you should. And it will be the difference between having hope and having CASH.

In this audio series, I'll give you word-for-word scripts on how to handle even the most nerve-wracking client questions, complete with perfect intonation, cadence and emphasis. You'll be able to hear how would respond—which is basically like having a coaching session with me over the phone. (I'll pour the vodka!)

Behold: The 12 Audio Bootcamps! Yes, Baby!

  • 1

    The Awkward First 10 Seconds: Should I Talk First or Should They?

  • 2

    The Critical Difference Between Pitching and Selling

  • 3

    The Art of Answering Hard Questions 101

  • 4

    How to Answer—"How Much Is This Going to Cost Me" Or "Can I Just Get a Ballpark?"

  • 5

    How to Answer—"I Didn't Think It Was Going to Cost That Much." (And My Favorite Go-To Phrase That Comes in Handy For EVERYTHING.)

  • 6

    How to Answer—"I'm Friends With So and So. Can I Get a Discount?"

  • 7

    How to Answer—"Is There Any Way You Can Be Flexible On The Rate?"

  • 8

    How to Answer—"Why Should I Work With You?"

  • 9

    How to Answer—"Are You Willing to Work On Spec?"

  • 10

    How to Answer—"I Need to Think About It" Or "I Need to Ask My Husband and Get Back to You" Or "I Need to Ask My Tarot Card Reader"

  • 11

    How to—Rein a Prospect Back In When They've Gone Wildly Off Tangent and You Need to Interrupt Them Without Being Rude

  • 12

    How to—Close The Deal and End the Call Like a Pro (And Leave With the Gig!)


  • Monique Floyd

    I’ve been bumping Ash’s Unf*ckwithable Sales Calls audio like it's the hottest CD in these streets! It’s helping to totally transform my sales call approach, an area that I have struggled in for years. I can’t get enough of her simple yet powerful solutions to some of my biggest obstacles when I’m on the phone. During a call earlier this week, a prospect hit me with, “I didn’t think this was going to cost so much” and BAM, I knew how to respond.

    Monique Floyd

  • Sophia Ozog

    Thanks a million for your sales calls training. I've listened to it two times, and I don't really know what's happening, but it's unlocked the confidence I needed to overcome my own fear of selling. I know I can do this! And I know my personality profile will definitely help me kill it. Your confidence helped me summon my own, remember my worth and how valuable my services are for my clients.

    Sophia Ozog

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